air conditioning unit winter care

air conditioning unit winter care

Alternative Heating Solutions

Lori Harris

If your furnace is in need of repair or if you're considering upgrading the heating in your home, then your first thought might be to replace your heater. However, there are a number of alternative heating enhancements that you might want to consider as well. You might be able to increase your home's heating efficiency without actually touching the central heater. To give you a little more insight into this concept, here are some of the most popular alternative heating solutions:

Radiant Floor Heating

You might be interested in installing some radiant heating beneath your floor. This can be appealing for a number of reasons, but the main draw is that your entire home will be evenly heated. If you do get radiant heating in your floor, then you will never have to wake up to a cold floor again.

The downside is that these systems can be pretty difficult and expensive to install. They do essentially force you to open up your floor, which can be a time-consuming process.

Additionally, these systems do require very specific types of flooring to work. Wood panels and ceramic tiles can work quite well, but carpets will be unable to conduct heat. As a result, your carpet will essentially absorb the heat rather than transfer it into your home.

Solar Water Heating

Instead, you might want to try a solar water heater, which can reduce your electricity bills by heating your water naturally. This can come in a variety of forms, with the simplest and cheapest being to simply set a tank of water out in the sun. The metal should conduct the heat from the sun into the water, which you can then use for showers and tap water. This has the obvious disadvantage of losing a lot of heat during the night, which means that the tank will only be full of hot water part of the time.

For more high-tech solutions, you can install some solar panels on your roof, which can then transfer energy to a water tank in your garage. Solar panels are pretty expensive, so you might want to carefully weigh your options before proceeding, but if you are already using some solar power, then adding a solar water heater won't be too difficult. If your home gets a lot of sun and you use a lot of hot water, then you might even save money in the long run by using solar panels.  

If you need to repair a furnace or discuss your heating options, call an HVAC professional, such as Lakeside Heating & A/C Inc.


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air conditioning unit winter care

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