air conditioning unit winter care

air conditioning unit winter care

Home Furnace Repairs: Troubleshooting Cycling And Heating Issues

Lori Harris

During the winter, you and your family rely heavily on your home's furnace. It is what keeps you all warm, safe and comfortable. When it stops working or isn't working properly, it can be a true inconvenience. Thankfully, when it fails you, there is some troubleshooting that you can do, as well as some minor repairs, so that you can get your furnace back up to speed.

When Your Furnace Isn't Producing Quite Enough Heat…

If your furnace is operating and producing heat, it doesn't mean that there is adequate heat coming out. If this is the case, the first thing you want to do is ensure that there is nothing in the way that may be blocking the airflow. You need to ensure that all registers are open. You also want to check the thermostat just to make sure that it is set accurately. Increase the temperature a few degrees and wait for the furnace to kick on. If none of this works, then there may be a problem with the blower. Contact a furnace repair professional to inspect your heating unit.

When Your Furnace Isn't Heating at All…

When a furnace is producing warm air at all, then it can be several things. If you have tried to turn up the heat and the furnace still does come on, here a few things to do:

  1. Make certain that the thermostat is indeed set to "heat" and that the power switch on the furnace is actually "on".
  2. Check to ensure that a fuse hasn't blown and that the circuit breaker hasn't been tripped. Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker, if necessary. If the fuse blows or the circuit breaker trips again, there is a good chance that there is a short in the electrical system. An expert will need to be called in.
  3. Check for a Reset button on the furnace. It should be close to the housing for the blower motor. If you can locate it, press the button. If nothing happens, hold for roughly 30 minutes and try again.

If you can't locate the problem or you can't seem to fix it yourself, contact a repair professional to come out.

When Your Furnace Is Cycling On and Off Excessively…

Usually, this problem lies within the thermostat. Make sure that it is set to "Auto" and "Heat". If the settings are correct, the problem could be loose wiring, a worn connection or a malfunctioning heat anticipator, all of which require a professional. A clogged filter can cause the furnace to overheat. So, check the filter and replace it with a new one if it appears too dirty. In some instances, especially when the thermostat and filter check out, it may be a malfunctioning blower in which case you will want to contact a furnace repair expert for help. Visit for more information.   


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air conditioning unit winter care

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