air conditioning unit winter care

air conditioning unit winter care

3 Easy Things You Should Be Doing To Make Sure Your AC Unit Is Working Properly

Lori Harris

Caring for your AC is incredibly important. If you don't know how to keep it in good shape you will easily overspend on your utility bill each month, not because you are trying to crank it up, but because the unit is working extra hard to produce the same amount of air. This is why it is vital that homeowners understand the simple things they need to do to make sure that their AC unit is effectively running.

1. Keep The Outdoor Unit Clean

When you install your outdoor unit you need to make sure that it isn't by anything that could obstruct it. For example, you shouldn't set it next to any trees or shrubbery where leaves will constantly be falling down on it. If debris gets caught in the unit it will cause the unit to have to suck in the air extra hard to get the amount that it needs. This is why it is better to have it up against the house, in an area that doesn't have a lot of vegetation so that it can be protected from the elements.

In addition, you should be checking the unit often to make sure that it hasn't gotten dirty. Even if you have taken precautions to keep it clean there is always a chance that it will get dirty.

2. Clean The Vents

Just as the AC unit is important, so are the vents. Many people forget that they need to clean out their vents often. Many times the reason for your poor air quality or lack of air blowing through the house is not a problem with the actual unit, but the vents. This is why you should make sure that you are cleaning out the vents often. This can be down with a vacuum or a broom.

3. Change The Air Filters

The air filters play a critical role in the effectiveness of your AC unit. They are responsible for filtering out all the dust and dirt from getting caught in the unit and circulating throughout the house. If you have pets you especially need to be extra careful about replacing your filters. There is a higher chance that you will have more hair and dirt in the filter.

In addition to helping the AC stay more effective, cleaning out the air filter will improve the air quality of your home. It is better for your health and your wallet to replace the filter often.

These are just a couple simple things you should be doing often to ensure that you AC unit is working properly. 

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air conditioning unit winter care

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