air conditioning unit winter care

air conditioning unit winter care

Baby, It's Cold Outside! How Heat Pumps Bring Heat In When It's Freezing Out (And The Reverse When It's Hot)

Lori Harris

If you have been looking at a more earth-friendly means of heating your home, you may want to consider heat pumps. They are very energy-efficient and can keep your home toasty at night and cool during the hottest days of the year. If you have not already asked an HVAC contractor like Advanced Heating & Cooling how these modern marvels of heating work, here is the information you need.

Heat from Outside (When It Is Cold?)

Heat pumps extract heat from the ground. A few feet below the earth's surface, the temperature remains a constant sixty to seventy degrees. The heat pump pulls this warmth out of the soil and circulates it into your home. Even if the ground has frost on it, the heat pump, buried far below the frost, can find enough warm air to keep your home from feeling as cold as the air outside. 

Cool Air from Outside (When It Is Hot out There?)

Likewise, a similar process occurs when you are trying to cool your home. The underground temperatures are the same all year long, which benefits you no matter how hot or cold it gets. (Sixty to seventy degrees in winter or at night in the desert is warm, while the same sixty to seventy degrees in summer or during the heat of a desert day is cool.) The only major difference in the cooling process is that the heat pump also removes hotter air from your home and pushes it outside while it circulates the cooler underground air into your home.

The Two Kinds of Systems That Utilize a Heat Pump

Now that you understand how heat pumps work, you can decide if this is a conversion you would like to make on your home. If you really want a heat pump system, there are two kinds of systems that use heat pumps. The first is a geothermal system, which is extremely efficient at collecting and dispersing hot and cold air from underground. A geothermal system combined with a heat pump is even more efficient and earth-friendly than a heat pump alone. It is commonly known as a ground source heat pump system because it takes its heat and cold from the earth in which it is buried. The second type is an air source heat pump system, which remains above ground and relies on gathering, storing and converting the outside air into the hot or cold air you need. This type requires a little more energy than the ground source/geothermal type because it has to cool hot air and heat cold air before moving the air into your home.


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air conditioning unit winter care

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