air conditioning unit winter care

air conditioning unit winter care

3 Clean Energy Solutions That Can Reduce Your Heating Costs And Impact On The Environment

Lori Harris

Clean energy like renewables such as solar, wind, and biomass are becoming common features in modern home designs. The use of the energy solutions to heat your home this winter can greatly reduce your energy costs. You may want to consider options like a solar heater, biomass boiler, or geothermal HVAC to heat your home. Here are some clean energy solutions that you may want to consider for lower heating costs:

1. Biomass Boilers For Many Options, Adapted To Your Heating Needs

Biomass is any type of organic materials that are dried and used for fuel purpose. Fuels like firewood, wood pellets, and agricultural waste are all examples of biomass. Today, there are many different types of biomass heating systems that you can use in your home. A biomass boiler can give you the option of a conventional heating system, as well as hot water and district heating. This is a good option if you need to replace an old boiler for a radiant heating system.

2. Integrating Solar Energy Into Heating Systems For An Affordable Energy Solution

Solar energy can also be used to heat your home in several different ways. One simple solution is a solar panel that produces electricity to power the blower or other electrical components of your furnace. Solar hot water heaters can also be used for clean energy and heating your home. A solar heater can be installed and integrated with a boiler or furnace to help reduce the energy consumption of a conventional heating system.

3. Geothermal HVAC Systems That Give You An All Around Solution For Heating And Cooling

Geothermal HVAC systems are a good all-round solution for the heating and cooling in your home. These are systems that use the ground temperature as a heat exchange to help reduce the energy consumption of your HVAC. These are systems that have a conventional design with the added feature of a geothermal loop for the heat exchanger. The loop is a circuit of pipes with a liquid that is circulated deep in the ground to provide the heating system with a content temperature. Geothermal systems can use significantly less energy than a conventional HVAC system.

Clean energy is a way you can cut your energy costs and do your part to protect the environment. If you are ready for a better energy solution for your heating needs, contact a heating contractor, like one from One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, and talk with them about some of these solutions. 


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air conditioning unit winter care

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