air conditioning unit winter care

air conditioning unit winter care

Chill Out And Stay Warm During A Heating Outage With These Nifty Home-Heating Hacks

Lori Harris

The temperatures take a drastic turn down into the smaller digits, and your home heating system works really hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Unfortunately, it is times like this when the heat system is under the most stress and very well could go out if it had prior issues. In some situations, it looks like packing up the family and heading off somewhere warm for the night is the only choice. However, before you brave the cold outside to get somewhere else until an HVAC service technician arrives, make sure you give these home heating hacks a shot. 

Make use of your clothes dryer. 

The clothes dryer generates heat to dry your clothes, but in most cases, this heat gets funnelled outside through the flexible ventilation pipe connected in the back. Temporarily disconnect the flexible hose from where it attaches to the air outlet in the wall, and turn on the dryer on its highest heat setting. You will get a hefty dose of heat filling the space in no time. Even if this means you have to pack up everyone and hang out in the laundry room for a while, this is one way to stay warm for sure. Keep in mind though that if you are drying clothes, the moisture from the clothes will be vented into your home, which could possibly lead to a mold issue over time.

Brew up some steam in the kitchen. 

It is no big secret that a lot of heat is emitted into the air when cooking in the kitchen, so during a heating outage, it is a good time to take advantage of this fact. Throw on some pots of boiling water on the stove, and allow the steam to warm up your kitchen. You can also harness some heat from the oven, but you may not want to leave the oven on with the doors open if you have little ones in the house. Instead, use the opportunity to bake some cookies or a special treat. Use a fan to circulate the heat through the kitchen, and you are sure to stay fairly warm until help arrives. 

Drag out those electric blankets and cozy up for the night. 

Having an electric blanket on hand is always a good idea just for the simple fact that these can be incredibly useful during a heating outage. Place the blanket under your sheet in the biggest bed you have, and use a heavy quilt or comforter over it to hold in heat while you and your family cuddle beneath. You will all stay nice and cozy in spite of the cold. 


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air conditioning unit winter care

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