air conditioning unit winter care

air conditioning unit winter care

Troubleshooting A Heat Pump

Lori Harris

Heat pumps are an alternative method of heating and cooling your home, and they make use of a distinctive system that draws heat into your home from the exterior air or pushes it out, depending on your climate control needs. However, a heat pump that is not properly heating or cooling your home is no good at all. There are a number of things to check if your heat pump isn't working as it should be to get it back to effective operating condition.

Check the Filter

The most common reason why a heat pump is not providing proper air flow and climate control to your home is a clogged filter. You should check both the filter in the interior unit of your heat pump as well as the exterior unit: simply use a crosshead screwdriver to remove the casing, and clean out any dust or debris that may have collected before replacing the filter. For the exterior unit, also known as the condenser, you can also unscrew the grille on top of the unit, and clear out any leaves or sticks that may have gotten stuck inside. Once you've replaced the filters and the grille, turn the heat pump back on and see if it is working properly.

Ice Buildup

This is another common issue that affects heat pumps in the winter months. Ice can build up on the compressor, which can inhibit air flow and prevent any heat transfer from occurring. In order to fix this, you can set your heat pump to the 'fan only' setting on the thermostat, and let it run for a few hours to let the ice melt. If this doesn't work, the issue may lie otherwise.

Check the Thermostat

Sometimes the problem lies with the simplest element of the system. You should check your heat pump's thermostat to make sure that it is set to the correct temperature and turned on. Also, ensure that it is not set to 'fan only,' which won't provide any heating or cooling to your home. You should also try changing the batteries of your thermostat as a last ditch effort to see if that helps things.

Low Refrigerant

If none of the above methods fixed your heat pump, and you are still not receiving adequate heating or cooling, the issue may lie in low levels of refrigerant in your unit. As these materials are hazardous, you should contact a HVAC professional form a company like Flower Branch AC repair services to come in and look at your system to determine if it needs more refrigerant and add it as necessary. 


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air conditioning unit winter care

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