air conditioning unit winter care

air conditioning unit winter care

Spring Again And The Cleaning Begins: AC Care For Another Cooling Season

Lori Harris

It is almost spring again, which means it is time for cleaning and maintenance around the home. As the days get longer, plan a day to do some of the air conditioning maintenance that you need to do. Call the HVAC service, while you are at it, to go ahead and service your AC for the spring and summer months. Here are some of the things that you will want to do before the AC technician gets to your home:

1. Checking Vents and Making Sure Returns Have Free Airflow

The vents of an HVAC system are important because they allow the air to circulate freely through your home. Before you start using your AC, you will want to check the vents and make sure that there is nothing in front of them, blocking airflow. It is also a good idea to go around your home and make sure that all the returns are open. In some homes, there may be separate returns for heating and cooling. Cooling returns will be higher to allow hot air to escape and the heating return vents will be lower. Make sure you change these according to the season.

2. Cleaning and Repairing the Duct System to Ensure Efficiency

Over the fall and winter months, your duct system can develop problems. If there are ducts that do not get used with heating, they may become dirty and need cleaning. In addition, ductwork can also be damaged due to things like animals, water, and just plain wear. Check ducts in areas like attics, crawl spaces, and basements. If you see any damage, do the repairs that are needed. In addition, clean out any dust from ducts that have not been used during the winter months to ensure better AC efficiency throughout the summer months.

3. Cleaning the Outdoor Unit and Checking for Any Winter Damage

The outdoor unit of your AC is another component that will need a little spring cleaning. If you have weatherized the unit, remove covers, insulation, and other materials. During the winter months, debris and dirt can collect in the unit. Before you turn your AC on for the summer, make sure that the unit is clean and remove any debris that has fallen in the unit.

Doing these simple maintenance tasks will not only save you on service charges but will also make servicing your AC and doing repairs easier. Contact an HVAC contractor from a company like John Legg's Heating & Air Conditioning to provide the service and repairs that you cannot do to your air conditioning on your own. 


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air conditioning unit winter care

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