air conditioning unit winter care

air conditioning unit winter care

4 Ways You Can Make Your Furnace Work More Efficiently

Lori Harris

With winter in full effect, you may have noticed that your home is feeling colder than usual. The problem might not be with your furnace, but issues with the rest of the house that need some attention. Here are a few ways you can have a warmer house while making it easier for your furnace to operate:

Check Your Doors and Windows For Drafts

The doors and windows in your home could be a source for cold air to enter your home. Take some time to inspect each one to see if it is drafty. All you need to do is put your hand around where the door or window seals and try to feel for a draft.

If you feel a draft, then fix it by putting some weather stripping on the door or window. Also, it will help to use thermal curtains on your windows during the winter. Keep the curtains closed at night and you'll have an additional barrier to protect against your cold window.

Check The Attic Insulation

Your attic is another area where warm air can escape. You may not have enough insulation in the attic to do the job. Thankfully, adding more insulation is easy to do on your own.

Start by going up into your attic and measuring the current insulation. You can also determine the R-value of the insulation based on its color and texture. Cross-reference your current insulation with the ideal amounts, and if it is low, add more to the attic.

Use Area Rugs

Don't walk on your cold bare floors, since it could make you want to turn up the thermostat to feel more comfortable. Instead, use area rugs to keep your home feeling warmer. The fabric will also help trap heat, making it a significant improvement over using nothing at all.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are not just for making your home cool in the summer. They can also help circulate the air in the winter to make rooms feel warmer.

All You need to do is make sure the fan is running clockwise. It will pull the air up towards the fan, and push it outward to the walls. It helps move that warm air that is normally trapped along the ceiling.

Looking for more tips to make your furnace work more efficiently? Ask your HVAC contractor during your next inspection of your heating equipment. Check out a website like for more information and assistance. 


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air conditioning unit winter care

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