air conditioning unit winter care

air conditioning unit winter care

A Guide To Insulating And Encapsulating Your Ceiling Joists

Lori Harris

If your home has an attic or crawl space, it could be contributing to your high utility bills. This is particularly true if you live somewhere warm, and your ceiling joists don't have insulation. But, not matter what climate you live in, you will benefit by having better insulation in your ceiling and attic. This article explains why and how you should add fiberglass insulation to the joist bays in your ceiling:

Exposed Joists

If you take a peek inside your attic, you can see if your joists are encapsulated. Most attics are left unfinished, meaning that the space between each individual joist is exposed, without any drywall to encapsulate the joist bays. Most joist bay are universally sized, they should be 16" apart. Manufactures make fiberglass batting rolls that are 15" wide. This means you can easily place continuous rolls of fiberglass into the bay gaps to add some much-needed insulation to your ceilings. Make sure you measure the gap between your bays before investing in any products.

You can just roll out the fiberglass, tape down the end, and it should make a significant difference. Batting rolls can be up to 60' long, so you will only need a couple to fill in your bays. Make sure you measure before you start the job. With some simple math, you can easily figure out how many rolls you need. Fiberglass is itchy, so be sure to wear protective gloves, eyewear, and a long sleeve shirt.

Face the roll down so it does not curl up at the ends. Usually, there is no reason to glue or staple the insulation down. But, you might need to tape down the edges just to keep the fiberglass from moving. This is important if you store stuff in your attic.

Adding Plywood on Top of Your Joists

You can go a step further, and place plywood on top of the joist, covering fiberglass, and add even more insulation to your ceiling and encapsulating your crawl space. This also has the added benefit of making your attic more accessible and easier to walk around it. It also makes enables you to use your attic for more space efficient storage.

This is very easy work that can be handily done by homeowners who want to make their system more efficient. If you don't want to do the work yourself, it should be a rather easy and affordable project for a professional to handle. Contact a company like Atlantic Heating and Cooling for more information and assistance. 


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air conditioning unit winter care

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