air conditioning unit winter care

air conditioning unit winter care

Air Conditioner Misconceptions Homeowners Often Believe

Lori Harris

There are few factors that are more important for the comfort of your home than the temperature of its interior. To achieve the desired temperature, a powerful air conditioning system will be necessary, but misinformation can lead to errors and mistakes when individuals are forced to make decisions about this appliance.

Myth: You Will Always Need To Replace The Air Conditioning Unit To Get Better Performance From It

Poor performance from the air conditioning unit can be very noticeable; however, many homeowners will often do little to address this problem because they assume that the only way to correct it is by replacing it. It is often possible to provide an older air conditioning unit with a considerable boost in performance simply by having it professionally serviced and cleaned. Additionally, improving the airflow in the home's interior can help to boost this performance by making it easier for the cool air coming from the vents to circulate through the house.

Myth: There Are No Downsides To Opting For A Used Air Conditioning System

Replacing the air conditioner is expensive, and you may assume that opting for a used model will be the most cost-effective decision; however, there are some considerable risks that come with buying a used air conditioner. As with any mechanical system, these units can suffer extensive wear that can make them much more prone to suffering a major failure in the future. Buying a new air conditioning unit will be more expensive but it can also be more reliable, as these units will not have suffered the wear and tear of used units. You can also enjoy the benefit of warranty coverage.

Myth: Modern Air Conditioners Always Make The Air Extremely Dry

Extremely dry air can be an unpleasant problem for your home. This type of air can make breathing problems worse, and it may also cause a variety of skin conditions to become irritated. You can minimize this issue by adding a humidifying component to the system or keeping one of these devices in the rooms where you spend the most time.

Myth: An Air Conditioner Will Always Cause Loud Noises Inside The Home

An air conditioning unit should be relatively silent for those in your home. Older units or those that have been poorly maintained may have a tendency to become louder as time progresses. If proper maintenance fails to address your system's noise issues, adding a small fence or shrubs around the unit can deflect much of the noise that may be coming from it before it can enter your home.

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air conditioning unit winter care

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