air conditioning unit winter care

air conditioning unit winter care

From Ice Maker to Sump Pump to French Drain: How Your Plumber Connects Them All

Lori Harris

Dealing with a sump pump is one thing. Installing and draining a fridge's ice maker is another. When both have to drain into a French drain system outside, how does this work? The plumbing system is nothing short of fascinating. Here is how your plumber will manage it.

First, the French Drain

You might think that the plumbing jobs inside the house would come first, but if your plumber did the ice maker and sump pump first, what would the sump pump drain into? So, the plumber starts from the outside and works his or her way inside. The drain is a trench that is dug from the point where the sump pump's exterior pipe will exit your foundation to the street, or, if you live in the country, to a drainage ditch that runs along the front edge of your property. The plumbing for the drain consists of a large diameter pipe drilled with holes across the top and inserted into the trench. The pipe is then covered with large grain gravel, which prevents the water from saturating the surrounding soil, and the gravel channels the water into the holes of the drain pipe. After the pipe is covered with gravel, a thin layer of sod is placed over the top to hide the drain.

Next, the Sump Pump

Next, the plumber will cut a hole in the floor of your basement for the sump pump. (A general contractor can do this too, but since you already have the plumber helping with other plumbing tasks, it is just easier to have the plumber do it.) The plumber lines the walls and bottom of this hole with a thin layer of cement to prevent the emergence of insects from the soil below. Then the plumber installs the main motor and pump plumbing for the sump pump. Finally, he or she runs the pipe from the sump pump up to the exit portal in your foundation, where the pumped-out water exits into the French drain.

Finally, the Ice Maker

Now, finally, the plumber can connect your refrigerator's ice maker to the main water line in your home. After that is connected, another line runs wastewater from the ice maker to the sump pump. This helps bypass the plumbing that typically removes all wastewater from the home and diverts the ice maker's wastewater out via the sump pump to the French drain. Voila! Done.

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air conditioning unit winter care

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