air conditioning unit winter care

air conditioning unit winter care

Things That Can Give Your Air Conditioner a Bad Odor

Lori Harris

You probably enjoy living in a clean home that smells fresh. That's why a smelly air conditioner can be so frustrating. You might notice a bad odor when you walk near the unit or when it kicks on. Different things can cause an air conditioner to smell bad. You can fix some things yourself and you may need to call an air conditioning repair service to address larger issues. Here are some things that might cause your air conditioning to smell bad.

A Dirty Filter

Your air conditioner pulls in air through the filter so all the air in your home is in constant circulation. If the filter is dirty or dusty, it could affect the air quality in your home. For instance, if someone smokes in your house, the filter may be saturated with the odor of stale cigarette smoke. Try changing the filter to see if the odor goes away.

Mildew Growing Inside the Air Conditioner

An air conditioner produces water due to condensation so the coils and other parts are frequently wet. This could promote the growth of mold or algae that creates a musty odor in your home. If your air conditioner smells musty or if the air coming out of the registers smells like mold, then you'll want to have your AC cleaned by a professional.

A Clogged Drain Line

Some of the condensation produced by your air conditioner drips into a pan and then drains away. If the drain line is clogged, then water can sit in the pan and stagnate. The water might also spill on the floor and cause mold to grow. The result is a mildew odor or the odor of sour water that comes from your air conditioner. This problem may need professional repairs. The AC technician may need to clean out the drain line to clear the clog. Once the line is draining again and the pan and floor have been cleaned, the odor should go away.

A Bad Blower Motor

When the blower overheats or when the blower motor has problems, then you might detect smoke or a burning odor. You shouldn't ignore an odor that smells like something could be hot or burning. Turn your air conditioner off and call an air conditioning repair service for help. A dirty blower can cause these problems or the motor may need repairs.

A stinky air conditioner isn't always a sign of serious problems, but it can be sometimes. Therefore, you don't want to ignore the problem. At the least, the odor could be a nuisance, but the odor may also be alerting you to the need for air conditioning repairs to prevent further damage to your HVAC.


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air conditioning unit winter care

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