air conditioning unit winter care

air conditioning unit winter care

Picking The Right Spot For Your Air Conditioner

Lori Harris

As you get ready for AC system installation, you'll need to figure out where the unit should go outside your home. There are a few things you should consider when selecting a location since it is not easy to move it later on.

Pick A Spot With Shade

While the air conditioner is designed to be under the hot sun all day long, this is something you should avoid if possible. Pick a place where the air conditioner is going to get some shade, which may mean picking a side of your home where the air conditioner is out of the sun most of the day.

Keep The Shrubs Away

Putting an air conditioner on the side of your home will be fine if you can keep it away from shrubs. The air conditioner needs some room for air to pass through the fins and cool down the unit. If the fins are blocked by shrubs and debris, the unit can overheat due to restricted airflow. Even if the air conditioner is not directly next to bushes or a large plant, a nearby tree can cause leaves to fall around the unit and cause problems. That's why you should consider what plants are around the unit and may cause problems.

Use Elevation

While an outdoor air conditioner will be able to survive the rain, it does not perform well when it is submerged in water. You need to find a spot that is high off the ground where the unit will be away from pooling water. It may help to install a slab of concrete to install the air conditioner on, which will elevate the unit just enough to keep it dry.

Know The Local Laws

There may be restrictions in your city with where an air conditioner can be installed. A common restriction is how far away from the property line the air conditioner must be. This is to prevent an air conditioner from being installed right next to a neighbor's house and having the air conditioner running right next to it.

There will also be restrictions based on the windows of your home. You may be surprised to find out that an air conditioner cannot be placed where you want it due to having a window nearby that opens. You will either need to alter the window so that it cannot open, or pick a new place to install the air conditioner.


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air conditioning unit winter care

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