air conditioning unit winter care

air conditioning unit winter care

How Much Repair Work Will Your Geothermal Unit Ever Need?

Lori Harris

Geothermal air conditioning systems have been a hot topic in HVAC for the last several years. You are investing in the most earth-friendly air conditioning system anyone can buy, and it adds incredible resale value to your home. Yet, you may be wondering if your geothermal system will ever need air conditioning repairs. Certainly a lot of other types of cooling systems need repairs, so why not this type? Actually, a geothermal system needs even fewer repairs than you might expect, and here is why. 

No Refrigerant Required

Refrigerant needs to be compressed and evaporated before it can cool warmer air for your home. Since a geothermal unit requires no refrigerant at all, it does not need an evaporator or a compressor. An evaporator and compressor are often the two biggest A/C repairs required with other cooling systems, you will not need an HVAC technician to fix these non-existent components. 

Heat Pump Issues Are a Maybe

Geothermal units work in tandem with heat pumps. Heat pumps are generally used in warmer climates because they are more efficient in the particularly hot days, and they will not break down as fast as central air units working overtime in ninety-plus degree weather. When heat pumps are working with geothermal units, the primary function of the heat pumps is to remove the hot air from your home and send it underground to the heating/cooling coil. The pump itself is not doing the heating and cooling; it is merely acting as the transfer unit for the hot or cold air in your home to the equipment that does the heating and cooling.

However, the heat pump itself may eventually wear out and break down, and that is when you will need an HVAC technician to replace or repair the pump. If the pump is not repaired or replaced, the geothermal coil cannot do its job, and your home will either be boiling hot or very cold, depending on the time of year. It is smart to invest in a high-quality heat pump with a lengthy warranty so that you do not have to pay too much to have it repaired or replaced over time. 

Rare Scenarios Where the Coil May Need Repairs

Geothermal coils are designed to last a very long time. There may be a few rare scenarios where the coil would need repair work or replacing, but keep in mind that these scenarios are rare. One includes an earthquake that displaces part or all of the coil. Another scenario would be a sinkhole, but generally most homeowners would already know if there was a sinkhole in their yards and would try to avoid building or installing anything in the soil above the undisturbed sinkhole. Other than that, your geothermal coil should be fine. 


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air conditioning unit winter care

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