air conditioning unit winter care

air conditioning unit winter care

Signs That You May Need A New Boiler Installation

Lori Harris

Have you noticed that the boiler in your home is no longer performing how it has in the past? If so, your boiler may be entering the final stages of its lifespan. One way to know for certain is to have your boiler inspected. If you ignore the signs that your boiler is malfunctioning, you may find that you are not prepared when it finally stops working indefinitely. The following points will help you identify signs indicative of needing a new boiler installation.

Discolored Appearance

You likely visually observe your boiler on a routine basis. If so, and you notice that it has new spots on it or areas of discoloration, it may be indicative that some components of the boiler are malfunctioning. Discolorations need to be addressed by a professional who can inspect your boiler unit and determine whether you have a repair issue or whether you need to consider a new installation. Operating a boiler with this type of issue can result in you exposing your family to carbon monoxide, which could prove fatal. Yellow flames during operation and black soot on the surfaces of the boiler are indicative that a carbon monoxide issue is present.

High Energy Bills

Many things can cause your energy usage to rise. Sometimes individuals overlook the possibility that their boiler is no longer performing in an energy-efficient manner, which can cause their energy bills to slowly rise. Routine boiler inspections can detect this issue, and a contractor may recommend a new boiler installation. This is true if the age of your boiler suggests that it has reached the end of its lifespan or that it is nearing the end.

Changes in Comfort

Perhaps you are like many other boiler owners. You may rely on your boiler for warm or hot water, but you may also use it to maintain heat within your home. If you have noticed that your home is not warming like it usually would, a new boiler installation may be imminent. Sometimes a boiler that needs to be replaced will warm some rooms more efficiently than others. This can cause owners to assume that the boilers are not the issue. An inspection can show the true nature of this phenomenon. One of the main things that consumers need to keep in mind is that improper maintenance can result in them needing to replace their boilers prematurely. The primary reason for replacing a boiler that appears to be faulty is a continued decline in performance as well as frequent need for repairs.


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air conditioning unit winter care

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