air conditioning unit winter care

air conditioning unit winter care

Why A Noisy AC Calls For A Diagnosis And Repair

Lori Harris

All air conditioners make some noise during startup and operations though some are noisier than others. However, unusual or loud noises from the AC are a cause of concern. Below are some causes of AC noises that can cause a serious malfunction.  

Foreign Object

The AC condenser fan cools the refrigerant in the condenser coil so it can pick up more heat from the house. A foreign object might fall into the unit and obstruct the operation of the fan. An example is if a twig or toy finds its way into the condenser unit. In such a case, you might hear some noises as the fan hits the foreign object.

Bad Bearings

A central AC has multiple moving parts, many of which use bearings. Here are some of the motors that have bearings:

  • The condenser fan motor
  • The compressor motor
  • The blower motor

The bearings are subject to wear and tear. The rate of wear and tear depends on various factors, including:

  • How long you use your AC
  • How well you maintain your AC
  • Whether the AC is properly sized

The friction in the moving parts increases with the wear on the bearings. The increased friction can make your AC noisy as it runs.

Refrigerant Leak

Most refrigerant leaks are minimal and don't trigger noticeable symptoms. For example, if a refrigerant line wears out or corrodes, it might develop hairline cracks or pinholes that release small amounts of refrigerant. You will hardly notice such leaks — most homeowners only suspect leaks if the refrigerant volume falls, and the AC's cooling efficiency starts to fall.

However, the situation will be different if the refrigerant is leaking via a big crack, hole, or disconnection. Say a large tree falls on your home and damages the AC or a renovation accident damages the AC. Such accidents might cut or disconnect a refrigerant line. The cut or disconnected line might trigger a serious refrigerant leak with gushing or gurgling sounds.

Loose Parts

Lastly, your AC can also be noisy if some of its parts loosen or disconnect. Examples include:

  • Loose fan blades that are hitting on another part
  • Loose refrigerant lines that are rubbing on something
  • The fan belt is loose

In all the above cases, the noise is not the only thing you have to worry about. Over time, the loose part might fall off, the affected part might experience accelerated wear, and both can end in costly damage.

Contact an AC repair service for more information.


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air conditioning unit winter care

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