air conditioning unit winter care

air conditioning unit winter care

A Curbless Shower Could Make It Easier To Wash Your Hair And Bathe When You Use A Wheelchair

Lori Harris

Showering has its challenges when you need to use a wheelchair due to mobility issues. One solution you may want to look into is having a curbless shower installed. These showers are flat with the rest of the floor so you can roll your wheelchair right into the shower stall. Here's how a curbless shower is beneficial and some ideas for working with a residential plumbing service to have one installed.

How A Curbless Shower Is Beneficial

When you put in a curbless shower and take out the tub and previous shower surround if your bathroom has them, the space in the bathroom opens up. This makes it easier to maneuver a wheelchair in a small bathroom.

When the shower doesn't have a curb, you can wheel your chair in the shower and transfer to a shower chair. You might want to transfer to a shower chair in another room and have someone push you to the shower. Either way, you'll have no problem rolling right in since there isn't a curb to block your wheels.

Depending on how you design your bathroom remodel, you might not even need a stall around the shower. That gives you plenty of room in the shower for an assistant to help you wash and shampoo your hair.

How A Curbless Shower Is Installed

There are some important considerations for a curbless shower. First, it's important for the floor of the shower to be designed so water rolls toward the drain or toward a wall so water doesn't spread over the floor and under the bathroom door.

Next, the placement of the new shower is important to consider because if the plumber can hook into existing pipes behind the wall, installing your new shower should be less expensive.

Talk to the contractor about the residential plumbing services they offer. Depending on the type of contractors on staff, the same company might be able to design your new bathroom and install the new shower as well as hook up the plumbing.

If not, the plumber will coordinate the installation of the plumbing with whoever is doing the renovation work so the pipes and drain are installed and hooked up at the right time during the renovation process. You might have family or friends that can tear out an old tub and build the shower, but you'll still need a plumber to hook up the plumbing to comply with local codes.

Having a curbless shower could make a difference in your life when you rely on a wheelchair, and you might even benefit from having the sink lowered and toilet adapted to make your life easier too. A plumber is familiar with ADA codes and can help you transform your bathroom into a room that's easy for you to use.

Reach out to a residential plumbing service for more information. 


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