air conditioning unit winter care

air conditioning unit winter care

  • PTAC Units Aren't Just For Commercial Buildings: Here Are 3 Places Where They Work Great In Your Home

    While you may be unfamiliar with the term PTAC, you've almost certainly seen one before. PTAC stands for packaged terminal air conditioner, and they're commonly used in hotels. They're the units near the ground that are controlled with their own thermostat, which allows guests in the hotel to set their own desired temperature level for their rooms. They're easy to install—all you need to do is attach it to a wall in the room and vent it to the outside.

  • What Causes A Moldy AC Smell In The Fall?

    The fall can be an unusual time of the year for HVAC equipment. Depending on where you live, the temperature may swing wildly from too warm to too cold, leaving you in a limbo between running your air conditioning and heat. If your home uses thermostats with combined cooling and heating modes, then you may leave them at a single setpoint, but is this the right move? If you're experiencing a moldy (or "

  • Upgrading The Heating System For Your Home

    A home that has an aging heating system or one that is prone to suffering malfunctions can be extremely difficult to keep warm during the winters. While improving the performance of the existing heating system may not be possible, upgrading to a new unit may be just the enhancement that your home is needing. However, there are factors that will need to guide this upgrade if it is to provide the results that you are needing.

  • Key HVAC Maintenance Services For Homeowners

    No matter what brand or size your AC unit is, keeping it maintained is paramount to its performance and condition. You don't have to struggle with AC maintenance either. You can utilize the following HVAC maintenance services any time you want. Condenser Cleaning The unit on the outside of your home is known as the condenser. Since it is exposed to the elements, it will naturally get dirty. You need to clean it consistently so that your AC unit can perform as it should.

  • Furnace Malfunctioning? What Could Be The Problem And How To Repair It

    If your furnace is not functioning properly, there are a number of things that could be wrong. If it's cold outside, it's something you should try to troubleshoot right away to prevent other problems such as freezing pipes or it getting too cold in your house to stay there. Read on for a few troubleshooting tips to help you make the repair on your own. Thermostat Go to your thermostat to see if you can make an adjustment to it and turn on the furnace by changing the temperature.

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air conditioning unit winter care

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