air conditioning unit winter care

air conditioning unit winter care

  • How To Prepare Your Home For AC Installation

    You've likely done all your research and secured what you're confident is the right air conditioner for your home. You may also have your appointment set for when the installation crew is going to come and put in your new AC system. You might wonder if you can do anything to facilitate the installation. While the crew will show up with all the tools and supplies they need, you can ease their way.

  • Why A Noisy AC Calls For A Diagnosis And Repair

    All air conditioners make some noise during startup and operations though some are noisier than others. However, unusual or loud noises from the AC are a cause of concern. Below are some causes of AC noises that can cause a serious malfunction.   Foreign Object The AC condenser fan cools the refrigerant in the condenser coil so it can pick up more heat from the house. A foreign object might fall into the unit and obstruct the operation of the fan.

  • Signs That You May Need A New Boiler Installation

    Have you noticed that the boiler in your home is no longer performing how it has in the past? If so, your boiler may be entering the final stages of its lifespan. One way to know for certain is to have your boiler inspected. If you ignore the signs that your boiler is malfunctioning, you may find that you are not prepared when it finally stops working indefinitely. The following points will help you identify signs indicative of needing a new boiler installation.

  • About Getting A Heater Installed

    If you have been living without heat in your home and you're thinking of having it installed, you really should do it. There is no easier and more reliable, plus safe, way to heat your home than for it to have a heating system that a professional ha installed. Should you decide to make the smart choice of having heating installed, then here are some of the things that you want to know about having heating, so you get the most out of your new system.

  • How Much Repair Work Will Your Geothermal Unit Ever Need?

    Geothermal air conditioning systems have been a hot topic in HVAC for the last several years. You are investing in the most earth-friendly air conditioning system anyone can buy, and it adds incredible resale value to your home. Yet, you may be wondering if your geothermal system will ever need air conditioning repairs. Certainly a lot of other types of cooling systems need repairs, so why not this type? Actually, a geothermal system needs even fewer repairs than you might expect, and here is why.

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air conditioning unit winter care

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